Our values & missions

ARVALIS relies on four main values

Our values

ARVALIS is committed to strengthening the cohesion of its staff members around shared values. This is a determining factor in carrying out the Institute's missions and achieving the objectives set by its Steering Committee.
To meet these challenges, the women and men of ARVALIS are united and rely on the common values that have made and will make the Institute successful:

  • Methodological excellence
    ARVALIS was founded in order to produce and transfer information, tools, and services validated by indisputable references.
    This leads to a continuous review of the methods used on a daily basis. It also enables the Institute to stay ahead of the game, by being identified as a reference in terms of methodology, whether for field research (microplots or farmer's plots) or laboratory work, studies and surveys...
  • A sense of service
    ARVALIS works for farmers and all agricultural actors. The Institute's staff members work with them daily to carry out shared research and development activities.
  • Team spirit
    ARVALIS comprises a group of employees with diverse and complementary profiles and activities. The Institute’ organization makes it possible to make the most of these talents and to federate internal skills for the benefit of common and transdisciplinary projects.
  • Boldness
    ARVALIS is often a pioneer in its fields of expertise. Employees are driven by a desire to undertake and innovate, with ingenuity, in order to find creative solutions to the Institute's challenges.
Our gender equality index in 2021

Our missions

ARVALIS - Institut du végétal's mission is to capitalize on its expertise to enable and support the  development  and adoption of farming techniques and systems that reconcile precision, high-performance, and sustainable agriculture in all territories of France.
Its main objective is to reconcile the following factors: 

  • economic performance (productivity, profitability, competitiveness);
  • suitability for markets (food and feed, bio-energy, bio-materials, etc.) in France and abroad;
  • resilience to changes (regulatory, economic, social) and to climatic hazards;
  • positive contribution to environmental issues (reduction of inputs, water saving, carbon storage, biodiversity enhancement, eco-system services).

Expertise at the service of farmers and sectors

research and experimentation sites
100 000
trial plots conducted by ARVALIS-Institut du végétal each year
of the French agricultural area covered by ARVALIS - Institut du végétal's research
  • A network of engineers and experts for a trandisciplinary approach

    ARVALIS-Institut du végétal is an applied research organization that, produces technical-economic and agronomic references that can be directly applicableed to production systems. Its field of expertise covers farming production techniques, harvesting, storage and, preservation, as well as the quality aspects of production for all markets.

    ARVALIS - Institut du végétal teams provide global solutions whose effectiveness and relevance have been proven on  various ARVALIS sites, including research stations, experimental sites, application farms, and laboratories.
    The teams conduct their work at different scales:

    • the plant: varietal characterization and development of biotechnologies;
    • the plot: crop management, protection, nutrition, sowing techniques, harvesting, application of protection products and smart farming;
    • the farm and the watershed: management of point and non-point pollution risks, organic matter status and soil fertility, biodiversity management, greenhouse gases, effects and management of crop rotations, farm economics and competitiveness, and digital agriculture.
  • Serving the efficiency of the sector

    ARVALIS - Institut du végétal's field of activity covers a large proportion of the French agricultural area and production types. The Institute studies straw cereals (soft wheat, durum wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oats, rice, etc.), maize (grain, forage, seed, sweet), sorghum, potatoes, forage, flax, and tobacco.
    In addition, ARVALIS - Institut du végétal's work has a strong interprofessional dimension. It contributes to the efficiency of each link in the value chain, from the evaluation of product innovations (upstream of marketing authorizations) to harvest management, grain processing, the adaptation of raw materials to different processes and markets, and the valorization of industrial co-products.

  • Information disseminated on a large scale

    The Institute offers training courses and disseminates information through the press, or its own media and information supports: Perspectives Agricoles, ARVALIS Terres Inovia infos, arvalis-infos.fr, its social networks, information meetings and conferences, brochures and flyers. It also provides decision support tools for crop management to farmers and agricultural technicians.

  • Offering diversified, competitive techniques and systems adapted to various territories

    ARVALIS - Institut du végétal evaluates various solutions adapted to different farming methods (specialized or not, conventional or organic). The Institute develops and tests, with many partners, innovative methods, solutions, and approaches to optimize production factors, reduce costs, and reduce environmental impacts.

  • Innovating for quality to satisfy markets and consumers

    ARVALIS-Institut du végétal recommends the most appropriate crop management practices to meet the expectations of processors and develops essential analysis procedures to guarantee good quality management, health safety, and traceability of practices and products.

  • Controlling the impact of practices on the environment and meeting societal expectations

    ARVALIS-Institut du végétal studies agriculture-related environmental issues (water and soil management, energy, air quality and climate change, biodiversity valorization, etc.). It contributes to providing solutions to control these risks and expertise tools that are directly operational thanks to smart farming technologies. The EGES® tool, available online at ARVALIS.fr (in French), enables producers to assess the impact of their practices on greenhouse gases.

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